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Commuting and parking around Commencement 2022

Here’s everything you need to know to navigate busier roadways and crowded parking lots.

Choosing a career as a public defender

Working in a homeless shelter inspired Maria Fernandez.

HIP Talks speech contest

Sign up for a chance to win $5,000.

Friendships in the Utah State Legislature

When collaborating outside their social circles to enact policies, Utah state legislators tend to build enduring bipartisan relationships.

Truth in Tuition Online Hearing 2022

To improve access and provide a recording for a larger audience, the University of Utah will be offering an online “hearing” this year. All concerned students and citizens are invited to register to attend.

Protect yourself from email and other scams

A recent scam impacting the U begins by enticing students with a well-paying research position and ends with the loss of money. Learn what to watch out for.

dozens of people walk around the Utah State Capitol building looking at poster boards being presented by student researchers.

U students to present research on Capitol Hill

U students will showcase their research on Feb. 8 at the Utah State Capitol.

Utah’s Clean Slate Law

Beginning Feb. 10, this newly implemented law will simplify the existing legal expungement process to remove barriers to jobs, education, housing and other basic needs for Utahns.

Two U law alumnae nominated to serve as U.S. attorneys

President Joe Biden’s nominations mark the first time two U law grads have been simultaneously named.

MLK Week 2022: Becoming the beloved community

MLK Week is underway at the U! Check out the full list of events including the MLK evening with the arts, book discussion, keynote address and more.