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The 2024 Legislature made its mark on higher education

The gavel came down on the 2024 Utah Legislature on the evening of Friday, March 1, ending a lawmaking session that will significantly impact higher education in the state.

From bills reshaping how equity and diversity efforts proceed on Utah’s campuses, to guidelines for student-athlete endorsement deals, to tenure and shared government changes, state lawmakers dedicated significant time this year to weighty debates about policy and curriculum.

At the same time, legislators approved more than $110 million in funding for capital projects—including Huntsman Cancer Institute’s expansion into Vineyard in Utah County, a remodel of the Redwood Health Center and $23 million for other projects like the Price Computing Building—as well as approving $400 million in additional bonding authority for the West Valley Hospital project.

Legislators also approved a 3% compensation bump for higher education workers plus 7.2% for health and 0.9% for dental insurance cost increases. Lawmakers signed off on an initial $2.5 million in funding for the U to host one of the 2024 Presidential Debates.

Below is an overview of some of the legislation passed this year and how it will impact the University of Utah.


Though funds were tight in the state budget this year—many lawmakers referred to it as a “socks and underwear” session—university leadership secured several exciting appropriations asks.

Here are some of the big-ticket items lawmakers approved: