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COVID-19 is a frightening factor this Halloween

Don’t take unnecessary risks.

8 things to know about voting on campus

Ready, set, VOTE!

Be culturally respectful as you celebrate Halloween

Costumes that take the form of caricature and adopt aspects of someone’s cultural identity can be belittling. Insensitive. Obtuse. It’s a form of cultural appropriation.

University of Utah and parents of Lauren McCluskey announce settlement agreement

The agreement includes a settlement payment to the McCluskeys and a charitable donation to the Lauren McCluskey Foundation.

What’s on your ballot?

There are several ways to make sure you are an informed voter.

What to do when an abuser uses technology against you

Abusers and criminals use technology to threaten, harm and steal from others.

Honoring Native American heritage

The University of Utah is planning several events and programs in honor of Indigenous Peoples Day on Oct. 12 and Native American Heritage Month in November.

an 18-wheel truck bed is loaded with firewood and is parked next to a large pile of more firewood

Operation Firewood Rescue

Utahns come together to help Najavo elders prepare for winter.

Atmospheric dust levels are rising in the Great Plains

If the Great Plains becomes drier, the pieces are in place for a repeat of the 1930s Dust Bowl.

That’s a wrap

A look at how the 2020 Vice Presidential Debate played out at the U.