Health & Medicine

Finding your motivation

Health coach Nick Galli provides strategies to get you motivated to be healthier and stay that way.

Intensive Lifestyle Program

Anyone interested in making changes in their lifestyle (nutrition, physical activity, sleep or stress management) should consider this program.

Wellness in Action

Wellness & Integrative Health recognizes those exemplifying Wellness in Action for May 2019.

Imagining a world without diabetes

An initiative at University of Utah Health aims to improve the lives of people with diabetes, which affects nearly 10% of America’s population.

Simple ways to lower your cholesterol

Getting your cholesterol in check will help you avoid numerous health problems.

Top of the charts

The University of Utah and University of Utah Health have been ranked No. 1 and No. 4, respectively, for Utah on Forbes’ first-ever America’s Best Employers by State rankings.

Deadly cocktail

A new study reveals the Utah opioid epidemic death toll includes an alarming number of new moms.

Theatre meets patient care

U research team receives a grant to investigate the value and impact of the arts in medicine

Be aware of bikes

With warmer summer weather rapidly approaching, it’s time to start watching out (or continue to) watch out for cyclists sharing the roads.

Tooth pain: Common causes and prevention

Tooth pain: Common causes and prevention | 3 snacks you should have in your desk drawer | Causes of heartburn