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Robotic ammonites recreate ancient animals’ movements

The results reiterate that there is no single optimum shell shape.

The Draw, a new housing option for U students this fall

The U will sublease the building from Westminster College for the next five years.

Joint statement on departure of UCLA and USC from Pac-12 Conference

This is a significant development that impacts each Pac-12 member institution and alters the landscape of intercollegiate athletics.

A delicate balance

The search for sustainable tourism and resource preservation in the American West.

The future of Great Salt Lake

Scientists, lawmakers and lake advocates discuss data-driven solutions to the lake’s critical problems.

Charting a new path forward

Since its launch in spring 2021, the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Strategy Council has been applying necessary preparations for embedding equitable systems within the U.

Overcoming obstacles of as a first-gen student

From imposter syndrome to finding the right questions to ask, being a first-generation student can be daunting.

Dig in

Planting for our climate doesn’t mean we have to make our yards a depressing landscape of rocks.

Humans of the U: Maj. Alex Horn

“The famed ‘fight or flight’ stress response is good for running away from predators in the jungle but not helpful for keeping your crew safe in combat.”

Racing into summer fun

It started as a simple request from Club U asking if they could rent hammers for their pinewood derby.