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Molecule could reduce surgical complications

The molecule helps organs protect themselves from damage during decreases in blood flow.

Printing the Andes

Doctoral student Susana Velasquez-Franco got help from the library’s 3-D printing and GIS team.

Close up of a hand in a blue rubber medical glove holding a newborn baby's hand.

AI quickly identifies genetic causes of disease in newborns

The finding foreshadows the next phase of medicine, where technology helps clinicians quickly determine the root cause of disease so they can give patients the right treatment sooner.

Joining EDI

Two university departments now fall under Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.

COVID-19 testing, now more than ever

To keep that environment safe and functional, we all need to play a part and take a few precautions.

Responding to incidents of racism and bias

The Racist and Bias Incident Response Team oversees university protocols, programs and processes to provide appropriate and calculated responses to incidents involving bias and racism at the university.

From refugee to student success advocate

Leslie Cepeda’s life experiences have shaped her student-centered approach to advising and mentoring.

Tanner Lecture on Artificial Intelligence and Human Values

The lecture will focus on how the digital revolution is entwined with the evolution of capitalism.

Advancing community-engaged learning

The focus of this new program is civic and community-based learning outcomes.

Where should I park?

New stalls should make parking a bit easier.