Discover Your Strengths

Learning your primary skills will help you network, interview, talk about and “sell” ourselves when it comes to landing that dream job. Read more here.

Security training, awareness efforts strengthen the U — and you

If you’re reading this right now, you might be interested in learning more about IT security policies or you might be wondering why we keep writing about them. If you fall into the latter group, the answer is simple: It’s our job! According to Rule 4-004O: Security Awareness and Training, the University of Utah is […]

Fall ‘Utah Mag’ hot off the presses

Tales from a graveyard, caring for aging family and more in Utah Magazine’s Fall issue.

Best colleges for student voting

The U is named one of the 2021 best colleges for student voting.

Change the future of commuting to campus

The data collected from this survey will help us improve current commuter programs and plan for future initiatives.

Valley Fever more common in Utah than previously thought

Symptoms can resemble those of the flu or COVID-19, but Valley Fever is caused by a fungus.

On the origins of COVID-19

The pandemic likely began when an infected animal passed the SARS-CoV-2 virus to a human at a live animal market in Wuhan, China.

Do you feel like you belong here?

U researchers find that students’ certainty about belonging and their performance in a STEM course reinforce each other—for better or worse.

Movies for Mental Health

This free virtual workshop aims to destigmatize mental illness, increase dialogue about mental health issues among college students.

Happy Chuseok from the U Asia Campus

September 20-22, 2021 marks one of the year’s biggest annual holidays in Korea—Chuseok (추석).