Exploring myths: Stranger danger

Recognizing who perpetrates harm can make it easier to stay safe and reach out if someone needs help.

5-year strategic plan for university safety

The plan was reviewed by the Public Safety Advisory Committee and will be updated regularly.

March 1-14 all education and student services go online

The remote period is designed to slow the spread of the coronavirus on campus.

Embracing grace, grief and humor at Sundance

The New Narratives panel hosted filmmakers and activists discussing the power of science and storytelling to influence new approaches to mental illness.

Call or text from an unknown number? Here’s what to do

You may be getting calls from unknown numbers. How to stay safe.

ICYMI: A Call for Racial Healing

View the latest Friday Forum on Racism in Higher Education.

Become a SafeU Ambassador

Students can apply now for the 2021-22 school year.

Is it time to double up on masks?

It all depends on the mask and the fit.

Reported sexual assault

The assault occurred February 4th.

Dating and partnerships during the pandemic

More isolated than ever, we need clever ways to connect and find romance.