Utah FORGE Chooses 17 project selectees to begin negotiations

Selection is part of first call for research proposals on new geothermal technologies.

Collapse of Earth’s geomagnetic field 42,000 years ago

A geomagnetic field around the Earth shields us from UV rays that would render life impossible. 42,000 years ago it collapsed, triggering dramatic climate shifts that fueled a global ecological change.

Ramón Barthelemy honored for physics scholarship, advocacy

The AAPT award honors the early-career physicist, whose groundbreaking scholarship and advocacy has advanced the field of physics education research as it pertains to gender issues and LGBTQ+ physicists.

How outdoor pollution affects indoor air quality

Wildfire and firework smoke are more impactful to indoor air than inversions.

Digitizing Native American oral histories

University of Utah J. Willard Marriott Library receives grant to digitize Native American oral history collection.

Social Work Health Futures Lab

Associate professor Jaehee Yi selected as a fellow in the first national cohort of the Social Work Health Futures Lab.

Embracing grace, grief and humor at Sundance

The New Narratives panel hosted filmmakers and activists discussing the power of science and storytelling to influence new approaches to mental illness.

Two professors awarded prestigious Sloan Research Fellowships

Computing and chemistry professors recognized for their “creativity, innovation and research accomplishments.”

Pioneering the future: Better health for populations

Read about how University of Utah Health is creating interventions and understanding behavior to make a difference for tens of thousands to millions.

Asymptomatic testing available now

All U staff, students and faculty can take weekly accurate saliva tests without exhibiting symptoms, run by the Health Sciences Center Sequencing Core lab.