Marriott Library digital exhibit finds echoes of today’s pandemic news in century-old headlines

Newspapers show how face coverings, quarantines and closed public venues were a part of life as the 1918 influenza pandemic swept through Utah.

Teachers get a master’s to revolutionize science classrooms

Graduates of the U’s Master’s of Science for Secondary School Teachers program engage in intensive research to bring authentic science experiences to their classrooms.

COVID-19 deaths among Black essential workers linked to racial disparities

Racial disparities among essential workers could be a key reason that Black Americans are more likely to contract and die of COVID-19.

Gene discovery leads to next-generation experimental therapy for ALS

Efforts to understand the genetics of neurological diseases leads to a potential treatment for ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Versatile test reactor key to next generation nuclear power

Michael Simpson and collaborators are designing a test vehicle that would circulate molten salt to mimic how it would circulate through a real-world reactor.

Seismic monitoring may improve early warnings for glacial lake outburst floods

Seismic stations may provide a real-time, remote monitoring system to give early warnings of glacial lake outburst floods that devastate downstream communities. Global warming is drastically increasing the risk of these floods.

An empty symphony stage with one scientist in the middle measuring air flow.

Blowin’ in the wind

University of Utah engineers conduct air flow study to help Utah Symphony musicians stay safe from COVID-19.

Evergreen needles act as air quality monitors

Trees are air quality monitors all around us. U scientists found that magnetic particles on pine needles can indicate levels of air pollution.

U team offers daily tips for parenting in a pandemic

Partnership between the U and Granite School District offers videos to help manage kids’ behavior amid the roller coaster of education in a pandemic.

Do debates change people’s minds?

The latest issue of University of Utah Magazine is hot off the presses. Check out the features, including investigating if debates change people’s minds, a COVID-19 timeline and how the U responded to an earthquake in the middle of a pandemic.