Sex, lice and videotape

Biologists drove the divergence of different-sized feather lice from a single population. In four years the evolved lice had trouble mating with each other, a sign of speciation and they caught it on tape.

Imagining a world without diabetes

An initiative at University of Utah Health aims to improve the lives of people with diabetes, which affects nearly 10% of America’s population.

Lighting up the night

The Natural History Museum of Utah’s Firefly Citizen Science Project found Utah has its fair share of fireflies.

A forest ‘glow’

Researchers use fluorescence as a proxy to track photosynthesis in evergreen forests.

The quaking continues

Aftershocks of a 1959 earthquake rocked Yellowstone in 2017-18.

A chemical mosaic under our feet

New research paints an intricate picture of how the Earth’s mantle is like a Jackson Pollock painting.

Breathe easier

The new eAsthma Tracker app helps children manage their condition resulting in fewer hospital visits.

Seal conservation strategies

Chemical records in teeth confirm elusive Alaska lake seals are one of a kind.

Deadly cocktail

A new study reveals the Utah opioid epidemic death toll includes an alarming number of new moms.

‘Driving’ air quality changes

Google Street View cars will sniff out air pollution sources while driving Salt Lake neighborhoods.