What factors put Philippine birds at risk of extinction?

Correlating bird traits with extinction risk suggests some birds more endangered than previously thought.

The camera look over the shoulder of a person looking at a computer screen with three brain scans on the monitor that show lit up areas of the brains where activity is occurring.

Studying the pre-teen brain for insights into mental health disorders

fMRI scans of brain activity in more than 6,000 nine- and ten-year-old children are the foundation of the largest long-term study of brain development and child health in the U.S.

U contributes to first-ever nationwide mammal survey

A new 50-state survey shows Utah in the top 10 nationally for raccoons, bobcats and red foxes.

2021 Beckman Scholars

Rachel Jones and Sahar Kanishka of the School of Biological Sciences won the 2021 Beckman Scholars Award, a 15-month mentored research experience with a $21,000 stipend.

A hydoelectric dam is damaged, nestled in the Himalayan mountain scape.

Cause and scope of the Uttarakhand disaster

In February, the Uttarakhand region of India experienced a humanitarian tragedy when a wall of rock and ice collapsed and formed a debris flow.

U biologists contribute to mammal study

Study explores how mammals fare in human-disturbed environments.

COVID-19 complications more likely in Blacks and Native Americans

Complication rate higher even with the same underlying conditions, researchers find.

Rare event that amplified Australia’s 2019 fires unlikely to reoccur

Researchers using U supercomputers study how a rare atmospheric phenomenon affects the weather.

Grant supports study of social needs and health care during COVID-19

Study explores health impacts of unmet social needs and social interventions during COVID-19

Overconfidence in news judgement

A new study shows that overconfidence in news judgment is associated with false news susceptibility.