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Humans of the U: Rebekah Cummings

Kids need to see themselves in literature. But we also need to give kids the chance to walk with and inhabit characters in literature that they would never meet in their day-to-day life.

Check out the U’s new and improved brand and editorial site

The site has fresh and vastly improved resources.

Searching for life in the universe

“Is there life out there?” It’s the one question that has puzzled humankind for centuries.

University of Utah’s Class of 2022 urged to ‘level up’

On May 5, the University of Utah returned to an in-person commencement ceremony after two years of virtual celebrations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

University of Utah 2022 Commencement returns—in person

The U will celebrate 8,609 graduates.

Digitizing 133 years of Salt Lake Tribune newspapers

The public will now have access to over 1.6 million pages thanks to a unique partnership with the J. Willard Marriott Library, Newspapers.com and the Salt Lake Tribune.

Inside the Office of the Dean of Students

If you’re uncertain about what this office does, then read on for some answers.

Humans of the U: Vishwa Srinivasan

A student’s dream will become reality on May 21 in downtown Salt Lake City.

InfectED on campus, in the community and beyond

The student-led university club is focused on educating everyone on infectious diseases.

U establishes Edna Anderson-Taylor Communication Institute

A generous donation from “Miss Julie,” will secure the communication institute’s long-term impact.