Real food, real progress

Why eating food produced locally, under fair and safe conditions, matters.

Humans of the U: Debolina Banerjee

“Being a user of public transit all my life, I see the numerous potentials here in Utah. What’s lacking here is the ‘necessity’ factor. People feel more in control of their schedule with driving.”

Humans of the U: Lisa McMurtrey

“I think the type of work that I do requires self-care, but in general, I like to build in a balance of work and relaxation into my daily life. Using public transportation helps me achieve that balance.”

Commit to better air year-round

Consider making alternative transportation part of your everyday life.

The U’s impact on air quality

How is the U curbing its own emissions?

Commitment to sustainability

The U honors seven campus leaders with leadership awards at the Environment and Sustainability Research Symposium.

Humans of the U: Martin Cuma

“I’ve enjoyed bicycling since I was a kid, back in the Czech Republic. It provided the freedom to move around without depending on either public transit or my parents. When I moved to Salt Lake in 1998 for my postdoc it felt natural to continue riding. I save on a parking pass and car costs and it forces me to get up on my bike every morning and ride to work.”

Air quality research

Researchers at the U renew their efforts to better understand who the big emitters are, who is being affected and how we can clear our air.

A healthier community and U

When active transportation is a part of your lifestyle, you save money on fuel, spend less time in traffic and get your daily workout as part of your commute while improving air quality.

Invert the Inversion

With new apps to make it easier to participate, join the Clear the Air Challenge.