What to do when an abuser uses technology against you

Abusers and criminals use technology to threaten, harm and steal from others.

Developing technology for the public good

Utah Informatics Initiative (UI2) Hosts Symposium.

Kronos upgrade will remove Adobe Flash Player dependency

During the downtime, Kronos users will not be able to process payroll or schedule shifts for staff. 

Investigating the U’s cybersecurity incidents

Get a behind-the-scenes look at computer forensics at the U.

It’s a trap! Why so many phishing attacks succeed

Learn more about why phishing attacks succeed and how you can protect yourself from them.

Incident highlights issues with ProctorU online testing

An incident investigation is being conducted and help desk staff will receive additional training.

U joins Cybersecurity Awareness Month Champions Program

This year’s initiative highlights the importance of empowering individuals and organizations to better protect their part of cyberspace in an increasingly connected world.

Creating a cybersecure workspace at home

Five ways to create a cybersecure workspace at home.

To be cybersecure, we must all do our part

Now more than ever, the internet consumes a huge part of our lives — at work, school and home.

Duo 2FA for UMail, O365 required for campus employees starting 9/15

Depending on your recent UMail use, you may or may not be prompted to authenticate with Duo 2FA when you log in to UMail and O365 applications.