Digital security tip: Secure your home network before connecting tech gifts

While tech toys are fun and open a host of possibilities to each of us, they are also a potential window into our homes and lives.

Digital assistants and other cloud-based benefits

There are lots of great features you could be using.

Still using the AnyConnect VPN? Please switch to GlobalProtect now

You need to do this before the end of the year.

Your U credentials are invaluable. Here’s how to protect them

Students, faculty and staff can take a number of steps to protect themselves against cyberattacks.

University-wide Microsoft Teams migration

he upgrade is part of the effort to modernize the U’s communication technology.

How you answer your phone matters

When answering calls to your university phone number, please identify your affiliation with the University of Utah or University of Utah Health. Similarly, when recording voicemail greetings, please identify your U affiliation in the message.

Students face increasing phishing and other cyberattacks

Changing your password may not be enough to protect your data.

Your identity is under attack. Here’s how to protect it.

Do your part. Be cyber smart.

The risks of ransomware, and tips to prevent and handle an attack

Do your part. Be cyber smart.

3 tips to defend against phishing attacks

Do your part. Be cyber smart.