Health & Medicine

photo looking down on a positive pregnancy test showing the person's hands, legs and feet as they stand up and look down at the test.

Dynamic pregnancy intentions

Study shows 12-month changes in pregnancy timing intentions using data from HER Salt Lake.

How COVID-19 is spurring research on campus

The pandemic led to a number of complications and opportunities.

Headshot of Harriet Washington, a Black Woman with black hair down a few inches past her shoulders, wearing a dark blazer over a light blue shirt.

The ethics of medicine

Harriet A. Washington, author and medical ethicist, discusses the medical perception and treatment of marginalized people.

U of U Health evolutionary geneticist Nels Elde named HHMI Investigator

The designation is Elde’s second prestigious accolade in less  than a year. HHMI investigators are a select group of researchers pushing the bounds of knowledge in biomedical research.

U professor featured in Utah air quality documentary

Daniel Mendoza shares personal stories and scientific perspectives.

Well-being Elevated seeks hundreds of U student minds this Fall

Students who participate in weekly activities and complete five out of the six sessions will receive $50 from Well-being Elevated.

Get your flu shot at this year’s Employee Appreciation Day!

Fill out your paperwork ahead of time and skip the line!

Valley Fever more common in Utah than previously thought

Symptoms can resemble those of the flu or COVID-19, but Valley Fever is caused by a fungus.

On the origins of COVID-19

The pandemic likely began when an infected animal passed the SARS-CoV-2 virus to a human at a live animal market in Wuhan, China.

Movies for Mental Health

This free virtual workshop aims to destigmatize mental illness, increase dialogue about mental health issues among college students.