Equity & Diversity

Women’s Resource Center scholarship

Apply for the Crankstart Scholarship by Dec. 4, 2020.

Changes to campus mental health services

Session fees are now a thing of the past for the U community thanks to the U Student Mental Health Fee and other creative solutions.

Recognizing extraordinary community outreach

APLU named the University of Utah the 2020 C. Peter Magrath Community Engagement Scholarship Award winner.

Pronouns matter

Pronouns are an important part of our identities—they are the basics of how we want to be referred.

graphic with red background reads, "Friday Forums on Racism in Higher Education."

Friday Forum: A Racially Just Workplace

Register for the Nov. 20 Friday Forum on Racism in Higher Education.

Wellness beyond whiteness

It’s important to think about wellness from new angles and consider what wellness means beyond the bounds of whiteness.

VPR launches programs for equity in U research

In partnership with university leadership, the programs aim to enhance equity, diversity and inclusion within the U research community.

Always welcome at the U

A virtual town hall meeting is scheduled to address questions and concerns from international students and scholars.

graphic of a slice of cake with layers showing colors of the LGBT Pride flag, topped with a mini LGBT pride flag.

Reframing the Conversation: Queering Utah Legacies

This Reframing the Conversation panel focuses on LGBTQIA+ experiences in Utah.

ICYMI: Establishing anti-racist policy

ICYMI: A recap of the second Friday Forum on Racism in Higher Education.