University of Utah Health

Vaccines are available, get yours now

Vaccines will help us attain herd immunity.

Making a good first online impression

The new site pulls together all the key resources and information webmasters across campus should know.

Which COVID-19 vaccine is right for you?

The longer you are unvaccinated, the more you’re at risk for becoming infected and possibly seriously ill from COVID-19.

Don’t delay cancer screenings during COVID-19

Don’t put off a screening that could save your life.

You’ve been vaccinated, now what?

As more of the population gets the COVID-19 vaccine, we will be closer to getting back to our normal, everyday lives.

Is it time to double up on masks?

It all depends on the mask and the fit.

Partners in Crime: Genetic collaborators in a rare disease

Collaborator genes may influence severity of a rare disease, NGLY1 deficiency.

Protecting older adults against COVID-19

The vaccine is about 50-55% effective in preventing symptomatic COVID-19 after the first dose.

Embracing community engagement

U of U Health is committed to addressing difficult challenges so that every individual has an equal opportunity to live a healthy life.

COVID-19 vaccine myth-busters

Get the truth about the vaccine.