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Fall ‘Utah Mag’ hits stands

The latest issue of University of Utah Magazine is hot off the presses. Check out some of the highlights.

Going Global at the U

Unleash your wanderlust and academic ambition with this guide to the U’s exciting learning abroad programs. From studying gaming in Korea to making tangible differences in Ghana’s communities, these are more than just courses—they’re life-changing adventures.

A Quest for Critical Thinking

In an age of fake news and information overload, today’s kids need the ability to separate fact from fiction and make evidence-based decisions. Learn how a science education program from the U’s Natural History Museum of Utah is helping thousands of middle schoolers learn complex reasoning skills.

From Farm to Fable

The hit musical Shucked is delighting sold-out audiences with its “corny” blend of country-western tunes and puns. And it took root right here at the U. See how the whimsical production sprouted at Pioneer Theatre Company and grew into a Tony-nominated Broadway sensation.

Remote Support for Infants in Need

When newborn baby Daxton faced a health problem at a community hospital in Tooele, Utah, University of Utah Health’s TeleNICU service connected his doctors with neonatology specialists in real-time. Learn more about the service that brings expert care close to home and provides parents with peace of mind.

The Future Advancement of AI

U experts from humanities, computer science and engineering weigh in on challenges and opportunities of artificial intelligence. Hear their thoughts, from ethical considerations to AI’s potential to enhance education and research in STEM fields.

Sports Quiz: A Year of Champions

How well do you know Utah Athletics? Test your knowledge with this quiz about the 2022-23 year, where U student-athletes led the Utes to bowl games, national championships, and the most conference titles in school history.

Selling Like Hotcakes

Kodiak Cakes is a multimillion-dollar company today, but it started with humble beginnings: two kids toting mom’s pancake mix around the neighborhood in a little red wagon. Follow U alum Joel Clark’s journey as he turned his passion into a thriving business, and hear his advice for would-be entrepreneurs.