LGBT resource center

rectangle graphic with black background. top text reads "2022 Pride Week at the U." in the center is block lettering which reads "solidarity" and the "o" is a rainbow-colored fist.

Pride Week at the U

Check out all the events happening for Pride Week March 28-April 1.

Joining EDI

Two university departments now fall under Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.

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Thriving in the fullness of our complex selves

The LBGT Resource Center shares its new initiatives for the QTSOC community.

Creating more inclusive systems

Collecting important data on gender and sexual identity, plus updating your chosen/preferred name.

Pride Story Garden

The University of Utah’s Pride Month exhibit in downtown Salt Lake.

A message on the Derek Chauvin trial and jury deliberations

We are stronger together, and especially when we care for and support one another.

Queer at the intersections

Celebrate Pride Week at the U, March 29-April 3, with daily events honoring and examining LGBTQIA+ histories, cultures and lives.

Stressed, anxious and overwhelmed

Our student community is balancing classes, homework, friends, family and their own mental health. So #CheckOnYourUCrew with these resources in mind.

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How to build your U crew

As the COVID-19 pandemic reaches the one-year mark, it is vital for our community to remain diligent.

USS initiative aims to recruit, retain more diverse staff

University Support Services is working on an equity, diversity and inclusion jobs initiative to address it.