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Creating more inclusive systems

Collecting important data on gender and sexual identity, plus updating your chosen/preferred name.

The University of Utah has recently taken some important steps forward in creating an equitable, inclusive campus where every identity is welcomed and valued. Beginning in January 2021, first names in HR systems and the campus directory at the university will automatically display a chosen/preferred first name that an employee or student has on file. In addition, all U students now have the option to self-identify information pertaining to their gender identity and sexual identity.

“These are two important changes as we work to create more inclusive systems at the U,” said Clare Lemke, director of the LGBT Resource Center. “It’s now easier for individuals to use their chosen name in more university systems and communications. We hope many students will choose to update their CIS page with data on gender and sexual identities so we can better serve everyone.”

Gender and sexual identity information

Lemke said giving students a way to share information about their identity will help the university better understand how to recruit, retain and graduate students of diverse identities. The goal is to use this data to improve resources, programs and policies that support a diverse campus.

Learn more about updating your information on the self-service page in CIS here.

Chosen/preferred name

Previously, employees and students at the U had the option of updating their chosen/preferred first names in HR systems and CIS. Now, chosen/preferred names will be automatically updated in several systems on campus so students and employees will no longer have to ask individual departments to override their legal first name in HR systems or the campus directory.

“As we celebrate Pride Month, it is meaningful that we as an institution are making university-wide system changes that are more inclusive of the LGBTQIA+ who live, work and learn here. Making our institution easier to navigate and making sure that we know who students are is important,” said Lemke. “At the same time, we know there is still work to be done and we are galvanized to keep going to make meaningful structural changes with real-life impacts.”

Find more information on updating your chosen/preferred name here.