A message on the Derek Chauvin trial and jury deliberations

A jury is now deliberating a decision in the case of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer charged with murdering George Floyd in May 2020. Its decision will come as our country grapples with new officer-involved fatal shootings.

Many on our campus, already experiencing exhaustion, grief and frustration over race-related injustices and killings, have been traumatized by the trial and will be affected whatever the jury decides. The recent surge in mass shootings has further increased anxiety, anger, stress and sorrow. We encourage everyone on our campus to be mindful of the impact these events may have on our students, on one another, and on ourselves. The University of Utah stands with those who call for social justice and equity. We are committed to actions and research aimed at ending hatred and systemic racism. We aspire to be a community that fosters safety, inclusivity, and equity.

Please make use of the counseling and support services available across our campus for students, staff and faculty, if needed, leading up to and following the jury decision in the Chauvin case, as listed below. We are stronger together, and especially when we care for and support one another.