free speech

photo of the large, red, block U sculpture on the University of Utah campus.

Free speech and the campus community

The university has a wide-ranging policy regarding free speech on campus.

Your freedom to read

Intellectual freedom—the right to access books and other media without censorship—is important and can also be controversial.

Where is the line drawn?

Legal experts debate the extent of First Amendment protections on college campuses.

Free speech and U

Did you know it’s National Free Speech Week? Did you know the U has a Free Speech Policy?

The free speech zone

The U once had a designated campus “free speech zone” — the Union Plaza — but years ago the university adopted a more expansive policy regarding where free speech is allowed.

What to expect at speech events

Administrators and faculty have received many questions about the campus guidelines for speaker events, including free speech and protests. With that in mind, here is some helpful information.


A message from President Pershing on the expression of ideas, which allows students, researchers and educators to advance new ideas and new knowledge.

Respecting the 1st Amendment

Events ranging from a white nationalists’ rally in Charlottesville, home to the University of Virginia, to scheduled appearances of conservative commentator Ben Shapiro at UC Berkeley and the University of Utah have prompted cheers and jeers and many questions about the parameters of the First Amendment.