graphic on a green background features a medicine wheel on the right. On the left are two logos: the Intersect times twelve Native American logo and the University of Utah's Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion division logo.

IntersectX12: Native American heritage

November may be over, but honoring Native American heritage is not.

graphic with a maroon background shows a pair of glasses with alternative lenses able to zoom into different perspectives. One U Thriving Logo is featured and below it is the University of Utah Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion logo.

Advancing equity, diversity and inclusion in research

In nurturing a community in which everyone feels they belong, applying an equity, diversity and inclusion lens to research is critically important.

2021 Inclusive Excellence Awardees

This award recognizes someone who exemplifies leadership in inclusive excellence in five categories.

Find your center

“I really don’t know if I would have finished school without the center.”

Headshot of Harriet Washington, a Black Woman with black hair down a few inches past her shoulders, wearing a dark blazer over a light blue shirt.

The ethics of medicine

Harriet A. Washington, author and medical ethicist, discusses the medical perception and treatment of marginalized people.

graphic with a dark blue background and colorful confetti on the right side. Logos on the left in red read, "Intersect times 12, latinx" and "Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, University of Utah"

Celebrating Latinx heritage

“We need to celebrate each other, celebrate ourselves and celebrate our campus diversity as a community.”

graphic with red background reads, "Friday Forums on Racism in Higher Education."

Friday Forum: Leading with Equity

Join the first Friday Forum on Racism in Higher Education of the academic year.

graphic has a pink background and features a stamp which reads "Intersect X12" and the One U thriving logo on the left. The Equity, diversity, and inclusion logo is in the bottom right corner.


Honor, celebrate and engage with intersecting identities every day, 12 months a year.

graphic shows a green background with several large text bubbles in the top right corner. text reads "One U Thriving," with the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion logo in the bottom left corner.

Reframing the Conversation returns

Timely, critical monthly conversations with experts from across Utah.

graphic shows a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. text reads, "One U Thriving"

Center for Equity and Student Belonging

Introducing a new name for the U’s Center for Ethnic Student Affairs.