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Preparing leaders to advance and maintain equity work in higher education

Recently, the country has watched as the leadership at many two and four-year colleges and universities has experienced rapid turnover and change. These transitions often result in new strategies, policies and approaches as new administrations try to establish their own vision. But if proper steps are taken beforehand, these changes at the helm do not need to create instability—especially where it concerns equity and inclusion work.

In this article from Inside Higher Ed, Amy Fulton, director of the New Leadership Academy at the University of Utah, discusses how can help institutions maintain a steady approach to diversity, equity and inclusion work—even as a school’s top posts undergo transition.  She explains how the shared equity approach “is among a few proven ways to ensure diversity, equity and inclusivity efforts live beyond the individuals in specific roles at specific times… [and] how institutions can begin to sustain the culture they are striving for not only today but over the long haul.” For the entire article, readers can visit it on the Inside Higher Ed website.