Searching for life in the universe

“Is there life out there?” It’s the one question that has puzzled humankind for centuries.

Statue of U chemistry professor to be displayed in Washington, D.C.

Janis Louie is one of 120 IF/THEN Ambassadors inspiring girls to pursue STEM careers

Do you feel like you belong here?

U researchers find that students’ certainty about belonging and their performance in a STEM course reinforce each other—for better or worse.

Chemistry in pictures

Assignment teaches students real-life applications of classroom learning.

Why chemistry?

Find your niche in chemistry and make your own discoveries.

Releasing the Kraken

U chemist helps launch vast library of virtual organic chemical compounds

Organic crystals’ ice-forming superpowers

Research shows how organic crystals in aerosols can help turn water to ice.

Perseverance Rover’s journey to Mars

U alum Thomas Stucky, a KBRwyle engineer at NASA’s Ames Research Center, talked about NASA’s mission to search for life on Mars—and prepare for future human explorers.

Design and test potential COVID-19 treatments from your phone

You’re invited to join the search for COVID-19 treatments—no lab coat or Ph.D. necessary.