Center for Medical Innovation

2022 Bench to Bedside competition returns to the Utah Capitol

A device that measures oxygen saturation and temperature more accurately during surgery wins the Grand Prize.

Bench to Bedside competition night returns

Winning teams will take home close to $100,000 in award funding.

These students got game

The U’s top-ranked video games program to show off new student games during “EAE Launch 2021” event.

The screenshot of the video game appears to be in outer space - the background is black with gray specs that might be stars scattered. A white rectangle takes up the majority of the frame in the middle—it's coated in a texture that looks like breaking ice, with lavender duding. Across the middle are stacks of blue 3-dimensional rectangles. On the ends are golden symbols that look like a hand fan. There are black holes going diagonally across the middle, as if the white rectangle has dimension holes in it.

Get in the game

University of Utah’s top-ranked video games program to show off new games under development during “EAE Play 2020.”

U designs innovative respirator system

The Center for Medical Innovation at U of U Health has designed a new filtered respirator system to provide health care workers safe and reusable PPE for working with COVID-19 patients.


A virtual reality simulation for social work students that recreates a home environment so they can better prepare to check for potential hazards.


A team of transdisciplinary U students created a new, portable, hand-held treatment device to help prevent cervical cancer in the developing world where doctors and equipment are scarce.

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