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Upcoming construction projects

Lots of new construction that could impact your commute.

100 South reconstruction project

The reconstruction of 100 South between 900 East to University Street will continue until October 2021. During this time, commuters traveling through the construction area can expect minor delays due to the single-lane closures.


  • Beginning August 20. University Street will be closed between 100 South and 200 South. During this closure, traffic will be directed down 200 South to 1300 East. From here, motorists can turn either direction on 100 South (see map below).
  • Throughout September, motorists can expect the lanes shifts on 900 East. One lane of traffic in each direction will remain open at all times.
  • Bicyclists and pedestrians should prepare for occasional sidewalk closures in sections throughout the construction site.

Visit to learn more about this construction project.

Chiller plant project at Marriott Lot & 1500 East

Excavation work at the Marriott Lot and the road along 1500 East to South Campus Drive will continue until September 2021. The construction directly affects motorist parking and traveling in the area, but it will not affect pedestrian and cyclist traffic.


  • 1500 East will be closed for the duration of the construction project.
  • Traffic will divert through the Marriott Lot (see detour map).
  • Campus Store customers, Marriott Library visitors, and other motorists may access the Marriott Lot through the south entrance (see detour map).
  • The Campus Store’s ’30-Minute’ customer parking stalls will relocate to the next row east.
  • Limited parking will be available in the southeast corner of the Marriott Lot.

I-80 & I-215 construction

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) is making improvements to I-80 between 1300 East and 2300 East and I-215 between 3300 South and 4500 South. The project includes removing and replacing the concrete throughout the impacted area and adding a new eastbound lane on I-80 between 1300 East and 2300 East.


  • Demolition and reconstruction of the 1300 East and 1700 East bridges over I-80
  • Demolition and reconstruction of the I-80 bridge over 2000 East
  • Widening of the I-80 bridge over 2300 East to accommodate the new eastbound lane

Visit UDOT’s website to learn more about the I-80 & I-215 construction project.

Life Science Building construction

A portion of the Life Science Building will be under construction from fall 2021 to January 2022. As a result, motorists, cyclists and pedestrians traveling near the site will notice impacts, such as limited parking and sidewalk detours.

Parking impacts:

  • The parking stalls west of the Life Science Building (on 1400 South) will be unavailable.
  • The ADA stalls will be relocated to the east side of the Crocker Science Center.

Sidewalk impacts:

  • The sidewalk east of the Edible Campus Gardens will be blocked by construction fencing. Pedestrians and cyclists traveling south will need to detour around the construction site through the sidewalk east of the William Steward Building.
  • The sidewalk north of the Life Sciences Building will remain open for pedestrians and cyclists.

HELIX Building construction 

Construction for the HELIX Building continues and is expected to be complete in 2023. The 250,000 square feet building will be located in the open space next to the Primary Children’s Eccles Outpatient Services facility and will spread across 5 1/2 levels that will connect to the main hospital complex and the rest of campus via a sky bridge near the Moran Eye Center.


  • Several stalls located on the northeast corner of the Eccles Broadcast Lot will be fenced off and unavailable. Motorists are encouraged to park in the Merrill Engineering Lot if both lots are full.
  • There will be increased construction traffic on the surface lot just south of the Ambulatory Garage. Please exercise caution when walking through this area.
  • Limit parking will be available in the Sorenson Lot.
  • The sidewalk located between the Eccles Broadcast Lot and the Ambulatory Garage will be closed until summer 2021. Pedestrians and cyclists will be rerouted to another pathway located on the east side of the Eccles Broadcast Lot, which is ADA compliment.

Health Sciences garage, roadway and connector

Construction of a new 1,400-car parking garage and the road realignment on North Medical Drive is underway. The garage, located between the IJ & Jeanné Wagner Jewish Community Center and the Kathryn F. Kirk Center for Comprehensive Cancer Care and Women’s Cancers, will feature a lowered roadway entrance and a pedestrian connector to University Hospital so people on foot can avoid the traffic on North Medical Drive. The road realignment will raise North Medical Drive, allowing for better access into the North Medical Garage and the new parking garage. Additionally, two new roundabouts will be added at the entrance to University Hospital and the entrance to the new parking garage to improve traffic flow.


  • Commuters can expect lane closures and possible traffic delays from the Mario Capecchi Drive intersection up to Huntsman Cancer Institute.
  • Motorists can expect occasional delays as construction trucks travel in the area.
  • The road realignment will impact North Medical Drive traffic from the intersection at Mario Capecchi up to the Circle of Hope until October 2022. North Medical Drive will have two eastbound lanes and one westbound lane at all times. Despite this, traffic congestion and delays are possible, particularly during peak travel times during the morning and evening rush hours. Please add extra travel time when commuting through this area.

Visit the North Medical Drive Construction webpage to get the latest project updates.

Annex Building to be replaced with a parking lot

Demolition of the Annex building is in progress. The existing space will be occupied by a new 300-space parking lot scheduled to be completed by spring 2022. This new parking lot will replace the stalls lost to the Kahlert Village housing project, which opened last year.

Kennecott Mechanical Engineering Building expansion

A 22,800 square foot building expansion is underway at the Kennecott Mechanical Engineering Building. The project is scheduled to be completed in January 2022.


  • Access to the Kennecott Building Lot will be restricted during the infill process.
  • More ADA stalls will be added to the parking lot north of the Kennecott Mechanical Engineering Building.
  • Several parking stalls will be permanently eliminated to accommodate the space needed for the building expansion.

Public Safety Building construction

Construction of the new Public Safety Building and a smaller ancillary building located on the northeast side of the Guardsman Lot is underway. This project is anticipated to be completed by December 2021.


  • Pedestrian traffic along the eastbound side of 500 S. (adjacent to the Guardsman Lot) will temporarily reroute while sidewalk realignment and driveway realignment/installation work occur.
  • Vehicle traffic and campus shuttles will temporarily reroute through the Guardsman Lot while site utility work occurs along with driveway realignment.
  • Approximately 140 stalls in the Guardsman Lot will be permanently eliminated to accommodate the space needed to construct the new building.
  • The entrance to the Guardsman Lot on 500 South will be closed during the first two weeks of September 2021.