News Releases

A wall of blue LED lights.

New perovskite LED emits a circularly polarized glow

LEDs led to the high-definition viewing experience we’ve come to expect from our screens. A new type of LED that utilizes spintronics could take displays to the next level.

Warming climate slows tropical birds’ population growth rates

A 30-year study in Tanzania shows temperature-linked population declines in species important to forests.

The substance use disorder counselors shortage

New funding to help students complete a substance use disorder treatment training.

Building a mobile, virtual reality classroom

Going well beyond video chatting, University of Utah students dissect virtual animals.

Unusual earthquakes highlight central Utah volcanoes

No sign of imminent eruption, researchers say, but quakes show activity in Black Rock Desert

Experimental treatment subdues Type 1 diabetes in laboratory mice

The therapeutic agent converts cells that normally control glucose production into ones that generate insulin.

Utah FORGE Chooses 17 project selectees to begin negotiations

Selection is part of first call for research proposals on new geothermal technologies.

Ramón Barthelemy honored for physics scholarship, advocacy

The AAPT award honors the early-career physicist, whose groundbreaking scholarship and advocacy has advanced the field of physics education research as it pertains to gender issues and LGBTQ+ physicists.

How outdoor pollution affects indoor air quality

Wildfire and firework smoke are more impactful to indoor air than inversions.

Digitizing Native American oral histories

University of Utah J. Willard Marriott Library receives grant to digitize Native American oral history collection.