New vaccine requirement for U students

Watch your university email account for detailed instructions from the Student Health Center.

Kids, masks and mental health

Addressing the misinformation about the mental and physical barriers that wearing a mask in school may bring.

A message from the Academic Senate Leadership Team

Support for the new vaccine requirements.

Protecting our community from COVID-19

We appreciate the cooperation of the campus community as we continue to deal with the pandemic.

Facts about COVID-19 and vaccines

COVID-19 vaccines decrease infection with all variants, including the Delta variant.

Looking to the future

A message from President Taylor Randall.

Fall 2021 Back-to-School Town Hall

U senior leadership answered commonly asked questions from students, faculty and staff regarding the in-person campus experience we expect this fall.

Signs for safety

We need to stay safe if we want to stay on campus.

How society’s inequalities showed in COVID outcomes

A study shows how lockdown policies exposed some groups to COVID-19 risk in Salt Lake County.

Tips for separating COVID-19 vaccine fact from fiction

Despite what some online articles and social media outlets suggest, COVID-19 vaccines do not contain tracking devices, nor will they cause infertility or alter your DNA.