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The university’s Long Term and Short Term Disability Insurance is provided through The Standard. Based on the university’s utilization of the insurance, The Standard has announced reduced premium rates effective Jan. 1, 2015.

Employees enrolled in disability coverage will receive a separate notice about the rates and will see the reduced rates on their Jan. 22 paycheck. Information about the disability plans is available on the Benefits Department’s website.



One provision of Health Care Reform is an Individual Mandate, which requires everyone to be enrolled in health insurance with at least a minimum level of coverage. Health Care Reform includes tax penalties for those not enrolled and provides tax credits to help low-income individuals and families obtain coverage. Individuals who do not currently have coverage can enroll here in a Federal Marketplace plan through Feb. 15, 2015.

Beginning in 2016, the university will be required to send annual reports to the IRS about employees and their enrollment in the University’s Employee Health Care Plan. The reports will also include information on employees’ covered family members. The first reports sent in 2016 will include information on those enrolled in coverage during 2015. In order to provide accurate information on family members, the Benefits Department must have social security numbers for all family members enrolled in the health care plan.

Social security numbers may be provided by email to, by phone at 801-581-7447 or by mail or hand-delivery to 420 Wakara Way, Suite 105, Salt Lake City, UT 84108.


The University of Utah has partnered with several local grocery stores to provide the University of Utah Healthy Eating Rewards Program. The program will provide offers, discounts and information to make healthy eating easier and more affordable for our employees. All University of Utah employees are eligible to participate in the program.

Click here to complete the rewards registration survey.

See the Benefits Department’s website  for a list of upcoming monthly discounts and promotions, additional information about participating locations and program details.


ePAF & eI-9 Training
ePAF (Electronic Personnel Action Form) is the automated approach to submit personnel actions. It also includes a process for electronic approval routing. The audience for this class will be payroll reporters and/or employees who are responsible for preparing personnel actions. This class will provide instruction on how to use ePAF for hiring employees, editing jobs, updating records, etc. Sessions scheduled through this fiscal year will be held on Jan. 14, Feb. 4, March 4, April 1, May 6 and June 3. Visit the Training & Development page to register.

PeopleAdmin: Online Job Application System
This session is designed for payroll reporters, or anyone else who will be responsible for posting staff and faculty jobs for their departments. There will be a demonstration of how to post a job, review applications, screen and select candidates, create a hiring proposal and complete a conditional job offer. Sessions scheduled through this fiscal year will be held on Jan. 27, March 17 and May 19. Visit the Training & Development page to register.

University of Utah Human Resources Management provides a temporary labor pool for university departments seeking short-term staff support. The UTemps Program has been filling positions on campus successfully for seven years. UTemps is a cost-effective resource for maintaining workflow continuity and support within the university community.

Departments may request UTemps staff members to work full- or part-time for whatever amount of time the office needs. Temps have already been through the U’s hiring process, which includes skills assessments, background checks and drug screens. UTemps fill positions for special projects, catch-up on department work, coverage while other employees are out on leave or staffing while looking for a permanent employee. If the office finds it would like to permanently hire an UTemp employee, there is no additional fee (which is not the case with outside temporary agencies). UTemps staff various administrative positions including, but not limited to, administrative assistant, executive secretary, office assistant, receptionist, executive assistant, data-entry, clerk, cashier and project/program coordinator.

For further information, please contact HR UTemps representative, Laura Eady-Popwell at 585-3037, or visit Email: Phone:  801-585-7457.

It’s not too late to make a contribution in 2014/2015 Campaign for Our Community

The University’s Campaign For Our Community is an annual event to encourage staff and faculty to donate to organizations in the community that provide vital services to those with a critical need. The affiliated charitable federations include:




Together, they include over 100 agencies in need of your support.

While the online donation page has closed for the year, anyone who desires to make a donation via credit card, check or payroll deduction election may still do so using the hard copy donation form found here.

Thanks to all of the wonderful donors who consistently support the Campaign and in so doing support the community.