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Name changes in campus directories

This change will occur automatically on January 5, 2021.

Beginning January 5, 2021first names in HR systems and the campus directory at the University will automatically display a chosen/preferred first name that an employee or student has on file. While employees and students have previously had the option of updating a chosen/preferred first name in HR systems and CIS, this change makes the chosen/preferred first name the default when possible, as opposed to systems that currently default to a legal first name.

This change will impact Campus Directory, Bridge, Kronos, D-Jobs, etc. A full list of systems impacted by this change may be viewed hereThis change is intended to make it easier to use a chosen/preferred first name at the university, as employees and students will no longer have to ask to override their legal first name in individual HR systems or the campus directory.

This change will occur automatically on January 5, 2021, at which time an employee’s or student’s chosen/preferred first name will automatically display in HR online systems and the campus directory. The only exception will be students who have requested nondisclosure of directory information, as these students will continue to not be displayed in the directory as per their request.

If an employee or student has not updated their chosen/preferred first name in CIS during their time as a university employee and/or as an enrolled student, their legal first name at the time of hire and/or enrollment will be displayed. Employees and students who would like to change their chosen/preferred name should complete the following steps:

Instructions for Employees

  1. Login to CIS and then go to the Change Bio/Demo Info tile
  2. Click on the Edit Preferred name hyperlink
  3. Enter new chosen First name
  4. Click the save button

Instructions for Students

  1. Login to CIS and then go to the Student Homepage tile
  2. Click on the Profile (one with your name) tile and click on the Preferred name type row
  3. Enter new chosen First name
  4. Click the save button

At the University, we respect an individual’s decision to be identified by their chosen first name and pronouns. This is based upon University Policy which prohibits discrimination based upon a person’s gender identity and gender expression.

Employees and students who do not wish to update their chosen/preferred first name do not need to do anything at this time and this change will automatically take effect on January 5, 2021. For any questions about this process, contact your HR Representative, or the Office of the Registrar for student information.