Free Coursera courses deadline

Finish your Coursera courses by Sept. 30 to get your free credential.

graphic of a purple face covering

The Rise of Anti-Asian Hate

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion introduces Reframing the Conversation: The Rise of Anti-Asian Hate.

Help! I need somebody

UMatch is a way for faculty, staff and students to find child care arrangements within the University of Utah community.

New Dream Center location

A virtual tour of the Dream Center’s new location.

photo of the black cultural center on the University of Utah's campus with fall leaves on the trees outside the red brick building.

A call to action

What the U is doing, what EDI is doing and what you can do to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Do debates change people’s minds?

The latest issue of University of Utah Magazine is hot off the presses. Check out the features, including investigating if debates change people’s minds, a COVID-19 timeline and how the U responded to an earthquake in the middle of a pandemic.

Senate Summary | August 2020

If you missed the August Academic Senate meeting, then read all the highlights here.

U receives funding to help displaced workers

Programs selected for CARES funding include both short courses and bootcamps.

U campus remains in Orange status

The University of Utah will continue in its current Orange restrictions status at least through Oct. 10, the last day of our planned two-week “circuit breaker” shift to online-only classes.

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