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Understanding laser tattoo removal

Tattoos are a common way for people to express themselves. And yet, not everyone who gets a tattoo is happy with it.

Genetic testing motivates behavior change

A new study led by researchers at Huntsman Cancer Institute investigated whether testing would motivate people at risk of melanoma to make changes to reduce risk.

Protect yourself from opioid addiction

Dr. Tom Miller speaks about pain treatment alternatives to opioids you should know about and how to have a discussion with your doctor about how best to avoid becoming addicted.

Common summer injuries

During the summer, there is an increase in ER visits for avoidable injuries. Here are a few simple safety tips to help keep you safe.

2° For Change

Just a few clicks on your thermostat can save energy and protect our air. Take the challenge on Aug. 19, and help make a difference.

Representation in STEM matters

The Genomics Summer Research for Minorities internship provides a 10-week program for undergraduate students interested in bioscience.

Should I be taking antibiotics?

For years, antibiotics were the go-to treatment for many medical conditions, but new evidence shows that the overprescribing or incorrect use of these medications can lead to worse infections and potential superbugs and even hurt your microbiome.

Volunteer at Be Well Utah

Volunteering for a Be Well Utah event counts toward WellnessNOW.


Don’t forget to take your Wellness Check-In to be entered to win $100. 

Gut bacteria prevent mice from becoming obese

U researchers’ findings in controlling obesity in mice could someday similarly help control weight in people.