Department of Atmospheric Sciences

U professor featured in Utah air quality documentary

Daniel Mendoza shares personal stories and scientific perspectives.

Taking greenhouse gas analysis on the road, er, rails

One train-mounted air quality sensor can cover the same area as 30 stationary sensors.

A view overlooking salt lake valley from the University of Utah campus at sunset. On the horizon, you can see faint mountains that are obscured by hazy air, showing an example of air pollution that builds up in the valley.

Air pollution spikes reduce test scores

More frequent peak air pollution exposure was associated with reduced math and English language arts test scores for third graders in all primary public schools in Salt Lake County.

Echoes of a pandemic through headlines

Newspapers show how face coverings, quarantines and closed public venues were a part of life during the 1918 influenza pandemic in the new Marriott Library digital exhibit.

How’s the transit weather?

Could a forecast of snow change how you get to campus?


“I landed at the U through my love of paragliding. In 2001 I was sitting on the side of Mt. Olympus, ready to launch one afternoon and I met a professor here in atmospheric science who was also flying paragliders. He said “I heard you’re into programming – Are you interested in working at a university?” I said sure.”