College of Social Work

Martell Teasley named as associate provost

Teasley will continue his duties as dean of the College of Social Work.

Welcoming people to the United States

Utah has long welcomed individuals and families with refugee backgrounds.

the College of Social Work building with a blue sky above it.

Innovation Matters

New tools and approaches to social work practice and education from the College of Social Work.

black and white photo of empty, wooden desks and chairs set up in rows in a classroom.

Remembering a shameful period of North American history

“We need to know what happened to the children who never returned home.”

Humans of the U: Dani Nives

A Master of Social Work student leads a program that has successfully housed over 30 individuals experiencing homelessness.

The substance use disorder counselors shortage

New funding to help students complete a substance use disorder treatment training.

5-year strategic plan for university safety

The plan was reviewed by the Public Safety Advisory Committee and will be updated regularly.

Be culturally respectful as you celebrate Halloween

Costumes that take the form of caricature and adopt aspects of someone’s cultural identity can be belittling. Insensitive. Obtuse. It’s a form of cultural appropriation.

headshot of Ebony Miller

Humans of the U: Ebony Miller

“You name it and I’ve probably been through it.”

Headshot of Jamilia Blake

Treating children as children

The second in a series of conversations and a challenge to reject apathy or silence and dare to care.