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5 career wellness tips to help you get hired this fall

The Career Fest can help students hone their job-search skills, build a network and land a dream internship or job.

This story was originally published on the Career & Professional Development Center’s blog, Peaks & Valleys.

Fall is the time for fun and exciting career events at the University of Utah. During the Career Fest, a two-week celebration of students’ career development, University of Utah students will have an opportunity to attend workshops and recruiting events designed to help them explore career options, hone their job search skills, build a network and land that dream internship or job.

We believe that wellness is the foundation of career success. The Career & Professional Development Center has partnered with the Center for Student Wellness to come up with five tips that will help students to succeed in the upcoming hiring events while maintaining mental and physical wellness.

Career Fest runs Monday, Sept. 20–Friday, Oct. 1, 2021. Find the full schedule of events here.

1. Prepare your resume and cover letter using the CPDC Career Guide. Get your documents reviewed by career professionals in the Virtual Career Studio.

A resume is a document that shows employers a variety of things: your education, work experience, skills, campus involvement, projects you have worked on… the list goes on and on. In combination with your cover letter, your resume is what gets you an interview. It is where you show employers that you have the base skills needed to complete whatever job or internship you are applying for. To get employers interested in you as a candidate for an internship or a job, it is important to have a well-organized resume that showcases your strengths and experiences in the best way.

Wellness tip: Commit to self-care while creating your resume and Cover Letter

Keep your health and wellness a priority.  One tip to ensure you are engaging in restorative practices is to schedule it in.  Start by making a list of activities that evoke self-care to you.  Make note of the materials, time, and other variables needed to complete them.  Plug these practices into your schedule to make sure every day you are involved in self-care, even if it is just for 10 minutes.  It will still benefit your mental wellbeing.

2. Activate and fill out your Handshake account to get access to thousands of internship and job opportunities and track career events at the U.

Handshake, a University of Utah internship and job search platform, is a one-stop shop for all students’ career needs. All internships and jobs posted on Handshake are approved by CPDC team and are posted by employers targeting U of U students and alumni. If you see a career opportunity on Handshake, it means that the employer is interested in hiring a U of U student.

Wellness tip: Avoid over-working as it can lead to burnout.

Job searching is a process that doesn’t happen overnight.  It can honestly feel like a part-time job, so it is important to create achievable goals and set a realistic schedule.  Keeping your job search to 2 – 4 hours per day will keep you consistently moving forward without overworking.

3. Start applying for internships and jobs on Handshake.

In an internship or job search process, the quality of your application always outweighs the quantity. Carefully review the openings you are interested in and tailor your Resume and Cover to each position you are applying for. Remember to save the job description in case you are invited to an interview and want to brush up on the job responsibilities.

Wellness tip: Seek out support if you are feeling stuck.

Success does not occur in a vacuum, so don’t expect to go far without support from others.  There is space to receive support from professionals and friends.  Sometimes you may feel stuck and scheduling an appointment with a career coach can help provide direction and clarity.  Other times, we may simply need to vent with a loved one to feel less alone.  Your friends want to be there for you more than you think; all you have to do is ask.

4. Attend employer hiring events to network with company representatives. Start conversations.

People are your best resource in internship and job searching. According to LinkedIn data, 85% of all job openings are filled through networking. Networking at employer events at the U of U is a great opportunity to meet company representatives, make meaningful connections and get invited to interview with companies by getting your Resume into the right hands.

Wellness tip: Create affirmations.

Having a job does not define your humanity or your worth.  However, rejection and insecurities can come up during job searching which can lead us to doubt our worth.  While searching for a new job can present challenges, remember that you can succeed!  You can write down affirmations to remind yourself that your worth is not tied to your profession.

5. Prepare for interviewing with companies and organizations with a Career Coach.

Interviewing is an acquired skill that can be practiced. In the Career & Professional Development Center students have a chance to meet with a Career Coach to not only discuss and improve their interviewing strategy but also do a mock interview.

Wellness tip: Share your wellness practices during your interview with employers.

When employers ask questions about wellness or health in interviews, they want to know if you are actively engaged in maintaining your wellness.  It does not matter the exact wellness practices you implement but that you care.  Healthy and well employees are able to give more of their best at work.  You do not have to be perfect in your practices but rather demonstrate you are capable of evaluating your wellness and taking actions to improve it.

Internship and job searching can be time-consuming and stressful. While following these steps will get you closer to getting a great internship or job, it is important to always put your mental and physical wellness first. Check out great wellness resources available to you at the Center for Student Wellness.