Humans of the U: Gavin Yehle

“I first performed at the U’s Babcock Theatre when I was in 4th grade when I was cast as one of the leads for our school play. As a young person pursuing acting, it was something really valuable to have that experience. That is when—as they say—I caught the theater bug.

After that I got involved with Youth Theater at the U programs. I’ve now been in theater at the university for 13 years. It’s become a second home for me.

I really enjoy acting and stage managing. Being able to play characters who are vastly different from who I am is so unique. I also like being backstage, seeing the entire process from beginning to end and knowing all the inner workings of a show. I love being able to figure things out and problem solving different issues every time I do a new show.

I had to play two very different characters in ‘Our Country’s Good’ last year: A timid, Irish convict and an angry, violent Scottish major. Being able to play both characters in the same show and being able to switch back and forth, was probably one of my favorite experiences.

As I look past graduation, I’m going to miss being involved with this good community of people. It’s something I personally really appreciate—the openness and opportunities I’ve been allowed to be a part of here.

And that experience is thanks to teachers and mentors like Penny Caywood, who gave me so many wonderful opportunities. Education will always be important and having good teachers is what’s going to keep the arts alive. They inspire students to become the next generation of great artists.”

—Gavin Yehle, Class of 2019, stage management and acting major, College of Fine Arts

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