Humans of the U

Humans of the U: Rebekah Cummings

Kids need to see themselves in literature. But we also need to give kids the chance to walk with and inhabit characters in literature that they would never meet in their day-to-day life.

Humans of the U: Robert Olsen

“I hope to complete my 83-year-old marathon this summer.”

Humans of the U: Lindberg Heitmann

“I want to be an ally to underserved populations and help break the segregation cycle. I would like to make others’ paths easier than mine.”

Sammie Serrano stands in front of a sign that says: They always say time changes things but you have to change them yourself. The letters are red and are covered with plastic bubbles that distorts the letter with hits curve.

Humans of the U: Sammie Serrano

“I didn’t want students who are neurodivergent at the U to be subject to the same struggle that I had.”

Humans of the U: Annie Giokas

“Participating in undergraduate research helped me gain skills as an independent thinker and the courage to improve at public speaking after presenting at multiple conferences.”

Humans of the U: Sanila Math

“During my time as a college student, I’ve been grateful for the supportive environment that allowed me to really dive into my studies and find topics and fields of study that I’m passionate about.”

Humans of the U: Jaina Lee

“The things I have appreciated the most about my time here at the U have been the personal connections that I’ve been able to make with friends and colleagues.”

Humans of the U: Vishwa Srinivasan

A student’s dream will become reality on May 21 in downtown Salt Lake City.

Student Ross Tester is also a Freeride World Tour athlete

Humans of the U: Ross Tester

“Going to the U was a no-brainer because of its proximity to intense, yet beautiful mountains, and the outdoor culture that they cultivate.”

Humans of the U: Nakaiya Stucki

“Not only should students be learning in their classes, they should also be having dynamic, engaging educational experiences outside of the classroom.”