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Statement on racist and bias incident on campus

Racist and hateful behavior on our campus is an offense to our entire community.

Campus community,

I was recently made aware of an act of hate that took place on our campus. An individal working for a university contractor at one of our residence halls was targeted by two of our students. Details of what occurred and the subsequent actions taken by the university are posted on the Racist & Bias Incident Team’s website.

Let me be clear, racist and hateful behavior on our campus is an offense to our entire community, particularly our communities of color. These actions will be called out for what they are—behaviors rooted in hate and racism. I will remain steadfast and vocal in our working with our leadership team to create a safe, welcoming and equitable campus that fosters values of respect, diversity, inclusivity and belonging. I encourage everyone on our campus to do the same.

If you have experienced or are impacted by racist behavior on our campus, we want to know so we can address these behaviors and work to create a more inclusive culture at the U. Incidents can be reported to the Racist and Bias Incident Response team here, and a list of support and resources are available here.


President Taylor Randall