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On the road

School is back in session and due to ongoing campus construction, parking will be challenging. Ditch your car—and the headache—and use alternative modes of transportation, including the campus shuttles with revised routes that are even faster.

Three main changes to make your routes on campus even faster:

  • The Union-TRAX route that runs through the center of campus
  • The Park-TRAX route that runs from President’s Circle to the Stadium TRAX station
  • An increase to four red route shuttles, that replaced the blue route and offers many benefits

School is back in session and it’s the first week back on campus for a lot of you. Due to ongoing campus construction, there are fewer parking spaces available. Commuter Services will do all they can to keep you updated on parking availability and recommend using alternative transportation to campus.

Remember your UCard gives you free access on all TRAX trains and buses. Rather than driving alone to campus, please consider taking UTA, ride sharing, biking, or being dropped off.

Please plan ahead so you’re not interrupted by parking congestion.


Campus shuttles are back to regular routes effective today. To view all routes, bus stops, run times, pick-up times and for a live shuttle tracker, visit

There are three main changes making routes even faster.

  1. The Union-TRAX route that runs through the center of campus: The route, which connects the South Campus Drive TRAX station with the Union area of campus, is utilized by an electric shuttle, reducing auto emissions throughout campus while making the train-bus-class or work path much quicker and easier. Students and staff alike can step off the train, catch a shuttle and get to the Campus Store, Union, library or any of the surrounding buildings within minutes. The Union-TRAX route bisects campus from north to south and links the Business Loop roadway to the Union Building, providing faster service between these two major campus destinations.The electric shuttle operates on this route from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. every weekday and is carefully timed to arrive shortly after trains arrive at the South Campus Drive TRAX station.
  2. The Park-TRAX route that runs from President’s Circle to the Stadium TRAX station: The Park-TRAX route operates during peak hours from 2:30-6:30 p.m., has stops near the Law Building and Kingsbury Hall, and is timed to arrive shortly after the trains arrive at the Stadium TRAX station. Students and staff riding TRAX to campus can now make it to President’s Circle within a matter of minutes.
  3. An increase to four red route shuttles, that replaced the blue route and offers many benefits: Buses are spaced more evenly and don’t get bogged down due to traffic and left hand turns, and the frequency increased to every seven minutes—the shorter route means you get where you need to be faster.

For additional information, please visit the Commuter Services website or call 801-581-6415.


Commuter Services runs a Campus Bike shop, located in the Annex Building. The mechanic will fix any problem on your bike and charge only for the cost of parts. Register your bike with Commuter Services and stop in for a tune up. Find pricing here.

Skip rush hour traffic, screeching tires, honking horns, and angry drivers as UTA takes you right past traffic congestion. University staff, faculty and students can ride UTA at no additional cost by simply tapping their UCard before getting on the bus or train. Whether it’s TRAX, FrontRunner or buses, UTA has an option that gets you to the U fast. Check out UTA’s website for schedules or trip planning.

Carpool with co-workers or fellow classmates. Simply buy one permit, share the costs with peers, enter all of your license plates, and bring one car to campus. Carpooling is a great alternative to help save you money, cut down on your carbon footprint and create more parking on campus for everyone.

The U is a proud supporter of staff telecommuting as an alternative to commuting to campus.  Telecommuting is a flexible work arrangement that allows an employee to work at home or elsewhere for part or all of their regular work schedule. And it’s a great option to lower your carbon footprint and to keep your car off campus. Talk with your department to see if telecommuting could work with your schedule and job duties. See the full policy here.

Parking is not always easy or simple at the U, so ditch your car, the headache and start taking alternative modes of transportation to work.