A to U Parking

From ‘A’ to ‘U’

Do you drive to campus? Great news: Students with “U” parking permits may park in designated “A” lots after 3. This option enhances safety by allowing students to park in lots closer to main campus buildings during the evening. The “U” lots with that additional availability are shown in red on this map.

The map also shows two additional “A” areas that will soon be open to students after 3 p.m. Commuter Services is currently updating signage in these areas.

Note: Not all “A” lots make this accommodation after 3 p.m., as they remain reserved for faculty and staff with “A” permits who work afternoon or evenings.

Please be sure to read signs posted in parking areas to avoid being ticketed. If a sign says “U Permit Allowed After 3 p.m.” you may park there.