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2020-21 ASUU presidency year-end review

What has the student government accomplished during the past year?

Our fellow students. It is with both heavy heart but also immense gratitude that we are speaking to you as the semester draws to a close. To say that it was a difficult year would be a gross understatement. It was a challenging year to be a human, let alone to be a student. It is with that in mind that we have spent the past year trying to give you our best, in a year that has shown us its worst. 

We’d like to share with you some of the things that we were able to create and accomplish this year, in the name of expanding student access to safety, connectivity and affordability.

Before we leave office, we want to leave you all with two final words: Thank you. Thank you for believing in us, supporting us, trusting us, challenging us, criticizing us. Thank you for it all. 

From the day we started campaigning, we have always strived for our administration to be one that is responsive to and focused on the needs of the students. We know that perfection isn’t attainable, especially in a far from perfect world, but that is no excuse to not try. If there’s anything that we hope you remember about us, it is that we not only tried, but we gave it our all, all in the name of access.

And lastly, we ask that you continue believing, supporting, challenging, criticizing. We are the Associated Students of the University of Utah, meaning that we all need each other in the ongoing effort of advocating for students. Our voices are crucial, YOUR voice is crucial and our final ask is that you don’t ever let it go silent. 

We welcome and congratulate the incoming administration, we are so proud of them and wish them the best year possible

Thank you again and Go Utah! 

The Class of 2021, class link

Designed by Peyton Wong, B.A. in Music, with a minor in computer science.

Since 1919, the Graduating Class from each year has designed and delivered a Class Link to be added to the ever growing class chain. These links symbolize the connection between each class and the University Alumni across the globe. Today, these links are proudly featured in a two stories long open stairwell in the Cleone Peterson Eccles Alumni House. The links now form an artful focal point that draws the eye and visitors can take time to find their own class links.

The link representing the Class of 2021 was designed by Peyton Wong, B.A. in Music, with a minor in computer science.

"Despite the hardships I’ve faced over the past year, I’m getting my degree! That’s what really led me to “Adversity Couldn’t Stop U.” I feel like this phrase really sums up this last year for me and so many of my fellow students. Everyone I know has gone through at least one terrible thing in the last year. It’s been a really difficult road, but we keep pushing forward. Despite difficulties and struggles, people are still doing amazing things and that deserves recognition and celebration. No matter what each graduate is going through, they are achieving something great. Adversity really couldn’t stop us!

I feel very honored and humbled that my design will be among all the other class links. Being able to be part of a long-standing tradition and leaving my mark with this amazing school is incredible to think about. The University of Utah has been a huge part of my life for the last four years; now I get to be a part of its history forever!"

More about the class chain can be found here.

Expanding student access to safety, connectivity and affordability

President Ephraim Kum

Vice President of Student Relations Michelle Valdes

Vice President of University Relations Ayana Amaechi