12 things to do at the U

“What should we do later?”

Wonder no more, campus friends, we’ve got 12 great ideas for you and none require going very far or spending much money to experience them.

Featuring the best of what campus has to offer in the worlds of art, science, nature and beyond is the 2020 University Print & Mail Services Calendar, available online and at the Campus Store.

In the spirit of leap year, the Print & Mail creative team designed this calendar to help our readers leap a little farther in 2020 and experience more of what’s right here in our campus neighborhood. After much research and consideration, we settled on 12 of the best not-to-be-missed experiences that are emblematic of life at the U.

Here’s a look into a few of these ‘must-dos’ of the U.

Utah Museum of Fine Arts

A main focus of the creators was to identify activities that would be enjoyable for one person, a group or an entire family. Here, in a juxtaposition of large and small, we see the awe and wonder that art can inspire in even the youngest of viewers. The Utah Museum of Fine Arts’ “Ethnic Man” is just one of thousands of objects in the museum’s collection, ranging from ancient to contemporary. Traveling exhibits ensure there’s always something new to see at the UMFA.

The Living Room

Stretching slightly beyond campus but still very much a quintessential part of the U experience is “The Living Room,” a hiking destination that most people visit at some point during their time at the U. Nestled in the foothills above campus, this dog-friendly hike takes adventurers to a stone-age lounge with a wondrous view of the valley, the Great Salt Lake and likely one of the best sunsets you’ll see in the city.

Natural History Museum of Utah

Another special feature of the calendar is uncovering things and opportunities that aren’t widely seen or known by the public, like these colorful specimens in the Natural History Museum of Utah’s entomology collection. Each year, the museum hosts a Behind the Scenes event, where participants have the chance to explore hidden wonders stashed away in the museum’s catalogue of 1.6 million objects. During this event, expert researchers talk in detail about what these objects are and what role they play in the natural world.

Campus Edible Gardens

Helping you work in a quick break during the workday are the Campus Edible Gardens, which welcome volunteers any time and from anywhere to get some fresh air, fresh veggies if the time of year is right, and learn more about gardening. Staff and student volunteers can develop their green thumbs while also helping contribute much-needed food to places like the FeedU Pantry and the campus farmer’s market. Sign up at the Sustainability Office and get growing.

Fresh off the presses, the 2020 calendar is available now for department or individual purchase. Filled with stunning photos and useful information, the calendar is a one-of-a-kind asset to anyone in the campus community who’s looking to get the most out of their U experience. And, you’ll be glad to hear that most of these adventures are free to faculty, staff and students with a valid UCard. Be sure to check each venue’s website before your visit for the most up-to-date information.

Order your calendar online or by contacting Print & Mail Services at 801-581-6171; uprint@utah.edu. Calendars are also available at the University Campus Store.

Get your calendar and get out and have some fun.