Hey you, get a flu shot!

It’s flu season. If you want to avoid getting it, then it’s time to get a flu shot. Yes, you may have read many reasons on the internet why you shouldn’t get one. They are all wrong. You need to get a flu shot not only to protect yourself, but also to protect your community. […]

Commuter Success Stories: Rosalie Ortega

There are three reasons why I ride UTA instead of driving.

What’s on your ballot?

There are several ways to make sure you are an informed voter.

two students sit studying together on the steps of the Honors College

Now U know: What is the Honors College?

Separating facts from fiction about the Honors College.

young student wearing safety goggles tinkers with small robotic hand.

Youth education courses

Sign your kids up for no cost online after-school camps this fall.

What to do when an abuser uses technology against you

Abusers and criminals use technology to threaten, harm and steal from others.

New editor for University of Utah Magazine

Seth Bracken steps into the role held by Melody Murdock since 2015.

graphic with family of four all looking at a laptop computer. school supplies such as pencils, globe, and a planet float above the family.

Education during a pandemic

How to improve family-school relationships during the pandemic.

Witches on your screen

“The Night Witches” will be performed live each night and streamed online.

New book explores John Wesley Powell’s vision for the American West

New book coauthored by U experts dives into the past, present and future of the Colorado River and the complicated legacy of its famous explorer.