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Humans of the U: Seungjoo (June) Yang

“One of the most meaningful experiences I had during my time at the University of Utah Asia Campus was producing independent films with my friends on campus. We called ourselves ‘Pocket Production,’ meaning we created independent films with a small budget from our pockets. The experience taught me how to work well with a team and apply what I learned in the classroom to the real world.

Although there was not enough budget, break time, or resources, no one complained. Ultimately, the film was played in a showcase in Megabox—one of the biggest film theaters in South Korea.

Growing up with diverse backgrounds and having had an exchange student experience already, I wanted to be connected with the wider world. Soon, I realized that the best way to do so is through the media. During my higher education, I wanted to learn how to wisely utilize the media, and even further, how to be a reliable creator. Selecting ‘Communication’ as a major led me to explore media ethics and creating trustworthy media content.

College also reinforced the importance of empathy. Through various leadership positions, such as tutoring high school students for the Global Leaders’ Forum for Youth project and helping my peers as an English Language Lab tutor, I learned to put myself in others shoes and have more engaging conversations. I want to apply this skill of anticipating the audience’s needs and preferences in my future career of creating media for a broad audience.

After I graduate this May, I want to pursue video journalism. I am fascinated by the ever-evolving media landscape and the diversity of people and cultures in the world. I want to challenge the existing media stereotypes and create a new format that explores and embraces all cultures and backgrounds. Beyond covering diverse stories, I want to engage everyone in communication through video journalism and make sure no one is left out.”

— Seungjoo (June) Yang, Communication BA ’24