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Humans of the U: Seohui Lee

“Three keywords that best describe my college life are: passion, challenge, and confidence. I learned to challenge myself confidently in various tasks during my college life. At first, I feared taking risks, but I decided to face any challenge, no matter the outcome. As a result, I gained more confidence and discovered my passion for learning new things.

Working as a New Student Orientation Leader on the University of Utah Asia Campus really helped me in my journey. I formed strong bonds with my team members by organizing orientation for incoming students. It was the biggest event of the semester, so I felt a lot of pressure and faced some difficulties in preparing, but we completed the orientation successfully by supporting each other. I felt proud and satisfied when first-year students thanked me for hosting a fun and useful orientation. I still keep in touch with and have good friendships with some of them.

I’ve also learned during my college career to have a broader view of the world. My peers came from many different cultures and countries and through my experiences of interacting with them, I learned how to adapt well to any situation. Having a global perspective also helped me to overcome challenges and failures without fear.

College is a precious time in life that you will never get back. Once you graduate and start working, you will have less time and opportunities to try new things. As a college student, you have the freedom to pursue what you want to do.

The most important thing is not to succeed or do well, but to try everything you are curious about. Experience is something that money cannot buy, and it will enrich your life. Everything you experience in college will be a valuable asset for your future.”

— Seohui Lee, Communication BA ’24