Apply to be a SafeU Ambassador

This opportunity is perfect for students that are passionate about gaining valuable leadership experience and making impactful changes on campus safety.

Commuting around large events coming to campus

Everything campus needs to know to stay informed during these special events.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

The Center for Student Wellness will be hosting events to connect socially, educate on how to support the survivors around us and advocate for change in our communities.

aerial view of University of Utah campus

U Safety organizational changes

The department will add two senior-level positions.

2021 Student Housing Crime Statistics Report released

The University of Utah released its first housing-specific crime report this week.

Spring View-University of Utah Campus

Remembering Zhifan Dong

Our deepest sympathies go out to Zhifan’s family, friends and loved ones.

A loss to our campus community

University of Utah statement on student death.

Day of Collective Action scheduled for March 22, 2022

President Randall calls for a campus-wide moment of reflection and action designed to propel our collective goal to create an inclusive community forward.

Campus skyline pano

Using social media to talk about sexual assault

Ignorance isn’t an excuse for causing harm, yet it may give insight into a solution.

Avoid a costly mistake

Stationary object accidents are the most common auto claim filed at the U.