October spotlight on safety

October is both Safe U Month and Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Students, faculty and staff will have dozens of opportunities during the month to engage in safety awareness, education and training—from a student listening session on safety to workshops on diversity, bystander intervention and healthy relationships.

Flu season can strike a workplace hard

Things you can do to minimize the spread of influenza at the university.

Chemical spill cleanup procedures

In the event that a chemical spill takes place while working, follow these steps outlined by EHS.

A to U Parking

From ‘A’ to ‘U’

Students with “U” parking permits may park in designated “A” lots after 3 p.m. This option enhances safety by allowing students to park in lots closer to main campus buildings during the evening.

October is #SafeU Month

President Watkins has designated October as SafeU Month, an opportunity for the entire campus to engage in safety awareness, education and training.

Required Bystander Intervention Training for student organizations

We want to empower the leadership of Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) to have information about safety and well-being, including where to report concerns and what resources are available to students for a variety of issues.

Proper lab attire

Long pants, complete foot covering shoes, safety glasses, lab coats and gloves are the minimum personal protective gear that must be worn.

Suicide prevention: 3 ways to help

Social Work Professor Phillip Osteen offers insights on suicide prevention research and tips for getting help for someone who is at risk.

Relationships 101

The One Love Foundation visited campus to raise awareness among students about how to identify healthy and unhealthy relationships.

SafeRide is going places

A new campus transportation service provides a safe and reliable ride on campus during night hours.