University Information Technology

New policy requires U employees to use approved email systems

Transparency is important when it comes to communications.

IT-related actions for your campus return

Get ready now to avoid problems later.

U aims to eliminate 90% of its finance customizations

The University’s scale and complexity has changed making it time to rethink how projects are handled.

UMail migration issues? Try these troubleshooting tips

The issues have tripped up some users.

Securing payments on a mostly cashless campus

The University of Utah securely processes a multitude of credit card transactions each year.

Call or text from an unknown number? Here’s what to do

You may be getting calls from unknown numbers. How to stay safe.

Connecting you through MobileU

The MobileU app aims to meet U students where they are to help them connect to campus life, news, events and resources on the go.

Protecting U, U, U, and U

Keep the campus community safe through public health messaging.

University of Utah update on data security incident

Students, staff and faculty were directed to change their university passwords.

The fibers that connect the U

More than 38 million feet of fiber-optic cable wind around the U. Meet the team that keeps this mission-critical utility functioning around the clock.