University Information Technology

Celebrating the 2022 Career Impact Awards

The Career & Professional Development Center invites campus to celebrate this year’s recipients.

Everyone’s interested in your identity—from Amazon to cybercriminals

We must start to focus more on zero trust—verifying and protecting the identity of every user, device and service.

Phase 2 activities continue in sweeping finance system overhaul

The project teams have made significant progress during Phase I.

Digital security tip: Secure your home network before connecting tech gifts

While tech toys are fun and open a host of possibilities to each of us, they are also a potential window into our homes and lives.

Still using the AnyConnect VPN? Please switch to GlobalProtect now

You need to do this before the end of the year.

Digital security tip: Prepare now for seasonal cyberattacks

Don’t let your holidays be ruined by hackers.

New policy requires U employees to use approved email systems

Transparency is important when it comes to communications.

IT-related actions for your campus return

Get ready now to avoid problems later.

U aims to eliminate 90% of its finance customizations

The University’s scale and complexity has changed making it time to rethink how projects are handled.

UMail migration issues? Try these troubleshooting tips

The issues have tripped up some users.