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Whether you are looking to stay on top of global education trends or advance your career, you have access to the large collection of resources and expert panels.

As one of the United State’s premier higher education nonprofits and the largest community of technology, academic, industry and campus leaders, EDUCAUSE helps equip it’s member institutions, like the University of Utah, with knowledge, resources and community-building resources. Check out the Educause membership Benefit Guide and Membership Brochure, and if you haven’t already, create a profile, and take advantage of all of the benefits offered to you as member of the University of Utah!

As one of the largest higher education nonprofits, EDUCAUSE’s Showcase Series includes a plethora of reports on the future of education and notably, their Horizon Report for Teaching and Learning captures the social, technological, economic, environmental and political trends across the US and world to summarize the key findings relevant to higher education.

As a member of EDUCAUSE, you will also have access to wide-range of additional resources, such as: