Sustainability Office

E-bike police patrols on campus

The bikes were donated by the Sustainability Office.

Growing food and community in a pandemic

The Sustainability Office is quickly adapting its sustainable food initiatives to ensure that students have access to food and community.

Print & Mail recognized

In an industry based on using paper, sustainable practices are an ongoing challenge, but the department was recently awarded a bronze certification in the Sustainability Office’s Green Office Program.

E-Bikes on campus

An e-bike is your department’s solution to improve employee health and air quality.

Make alternative transit time count

Emissions-saving challenges are most effective if participants make alternative transit fun, interesting or productive.


A collaboration with the Navajo Nation to evaluate water in the Four Corners region in three different ways.


Graduate students in the “Global Changes and Society” course knew they were signing up for an interdisciplinary project, but they never imagined that project would be a museum.

Sweating the small stuff

The Sustainability Office’s Green Office Certification offers ongoing support and customized training to help employees make small changes to daily office habits that can have a large collective impact.

Biking to the U: No sweat

Check out U Bike Electric, an electric bicycle purchase program intended to help more people improve air quality by cutting personal transportation emissions.

Celebrating sustainability leadership

University honors nine campus leaders with Alta Sustainability Leadership Awards at the Environment and Sustainability Research Symposium.