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E-Bikes on campus

An e-bike is your department’s solution to improve employee health and air quality.

6 reasons why e-bikes are the door-to-door solution for getting around campus

  • Parking is free and widely available
  • Allow you to take the most direct route between point A and B
  • Save your team time and money
  • Get you up hills without breaking a sweat
  • Reduce emissions

You have a meeting downtown or across campus and limited time to get there. Why not burn a few calories and have some fun along the way? An e-bike is your department’s solution to improve employee health and our local air quality.

With no emissions, e-bikes offer a quick and easy way to get around the U’s hilly terrain during the workday. The University of Utah is partnering with Bingham Cyclery to provide discounted e-bikes to university-affiliated departments for business use. With nearly 50 percent of Utah’s urban air pollution coming from tailpipe emissions, the university’s Sustainability Office created this purchasing option to help university departments reduce their carbon footprint, boost physical health and increase employee efficiency.

Now, departments can purchase brand new e-bikes at a discounted rate using a university PCard. Be sure to reference the U contract to make sure to get the discounted rates. If your office is interested in one of these bikes but doesn’t have the budget this fiscal year, start the planning process now to purchase in the new year.

E-bikes have a battery and electric motor to boost your pedal power. This allows employees to ride with traffic and tackle any hill with sweat-free ease. Convenient bike parking is located outside every campus building.

Bingham Cyclery was selected through a competitive screening process and will offer several unique models of e-bikes to suit individuals with various body sizes and skill levels. These staff-tested models are highly durable, easily maintainable and simple to ride and operate. The purchase of an e-bike includes four scheduled tune-ups and access to a mobile service program to repair your bike on campus when possible.

Unlike the U Bike Electric Program which was open to all U community members for the purchase of e-bikes for personal use, this program is only available to university departments and administrative offices for business purposes. For more information, click here.

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