The importance of outdoor education

Camps can be key for kids and young adults developmentally because they help facilitate social-emotional learning, perspective-taking and healthy family separation. 

National honors for engineering professor Tony Butterfield

These are just the newest awards for the distinguished educator.

Celebrating 5 years of Transform

Dean Kathryn Bond Stockton reflects on the fifth anniversary of the School for Cultural & Social Transformation.

5 great reads to celebrate Pride

Great books featuring LGBTQ+ characters and stories.

A deadly diagnosis

The 2020 U Remembers theme focuses on the experiences of children with medical challenges during the Holocaust.

Four ways to be an ally for transgender members of our community

Transgender and gender-nonconforming members of our community face homelessness, violence, incarceration and suicide at alarming rates. Learn what steps you can take to end transgender discrimination.

I, Carly

After dealing with a new challenge this past year—one that threatened her life—Utah Soccer goalkeeper Carly Nelson discusses her recent health scare, growing up in Utah as a lesbian and the positive impact she hopes to have on her friends, family and others.

A beacon of equality

Reflecting on the Stonewall riot’s 50th anniversary and the many queer heroes who have emerged in the LGBTQ+ rights movement.

Public restrooms of the future

Some legal experts, architects and social-equality activists are working to ensure gender-neutral restrooms will be an option in the future.


Deans and administrators through the University of Utah campus issued this letter in mid-October to affirm their commitment to creating an inclusive environment where there is no tolerance for acts of racism or bias in any form.